1001 Submissions - The DVDs, is the fight industry's largest instructional DVD set, by a large margin; an unprecedented 52 volumes of submissions, from everywhere! No cheesy finger locks or oil checks here; these submissions are used by elite grapplers & Mixed Martial Arts fighters all over the world.

The host of 1001 Submissions - The DVDs, is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt & professional MMA fighter, Din Thomas. Din has beaten some of the best fighters in the world and he'll show you the secrets to bring your submission game up to a level you've never imagined.


No one needs to know a thousand submissions. To try and learn that many techniques would be a waste of your time and your game would not improve.

Think of 1001 Submissions as a dictionary or other reference material. You don't try to learn all 450,000 words in the dictionary. You use it to check spelling, learn new words, find or double-check the meaning of a word you encounter, or to find the right word to use. That is the focus of 1001 Submissions.
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